29 Feb 2024

We were honoured to accompany our good friend and club mate Mike Yuen on his final journey. 05/03/21

 Although Mike lived on the Wirral, he decided to remain loyal to his roots and join his home town scooter club – The City of Liverpool Scooter Club in 2016, when he could have so easily joined Birkenhead Cloud 9. Nonetheless, Mike was a regular visitor to Cloud 9 where he was very much held in high regard.

Despite only being back into scootering for the last five years or so, Mike was a dedicated Scooterist who rode his Vespa in all weathers and was very quickly acknowledged for that dedication.

Mike’s cortège left his house at 2pm. At the family’s request, they made their way to Landican cemetery via Oaksey’s café in Cleveland Street, Birkenhead where Mike spent so many Saturday mornings in the company of his fellow Scooterists from Cloud 9. The hearse was followed by Ernie Lundstrom, the President of Liverpool S.C who was carrying Mike’s crash helmet on the rear carrier of his scooter. All the Scooterists who were gathered at Oaksey’s then fell in behind Ernie except for Dave Marble Johnson who rode alongside Ernie to represent Cloud 9. From there they made their way to New Brighton. Travelling along the Promenade and passed the Fort where Mike had also enjoyed the ‘Storm the Fort’ events with Cloud 9 and all the other Scooterists from the North West and North Wales. The cortege then made its way to Landican. The journey was very smooth thanks to the traffic marshalling by George McCormack and Alan Jones from Cloud 9. It was no mean feat to keep around 70 to 100 scooters and a number of cars on the move.

 Lesley ( Mike’s partner ) wishes to thank all those who took part in this tribute to Mike. The family were absolutely overwhelmed at the numbers involved. Although they managed to say thank you to some people, to speak to everybody individually was an impossible task.

 On behalf of everyone at Liverpool S.C, Cloud 9 S.C and the wider scootering community, we thank Mike for his friendship, caring nature, his company on scootering events and the laughs at our club nights in The Cambridge. Once again, we send our Sincere Condolences to Mike’s family on his passing. God Bless you Mike, you will never be forgotten.

Mike & Lesley