29 Feb 2024

NW&BA – Roobarb ‘N’ Custard end of season ride-out 14.10.18

Well done to everyone who braved the wet and windy weather on the ‘Roobarb ‘n’ Custard  ride-out in support of the North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre near Prestatyn in North Wales.

After meeting by the old tunnel we rode through to meet Cloud 9 and a few others before riding on to the Leprechaun pub Deeside. After a cup of coffee and a gab with some of the riders it was time to set off on the ride to the animal rescue centre. Once there, another gab and a tour round the cattery, puppy house,  seniors house,  rabbit/guinea pig house and the recreation field (for the dogs to let off some steam)

Well done to Coaty for organising the run and to everyone for their donations whether it be animal food or cash!

Time had come to make the journey back to our side of the Rivers Dee/Mersey. On our way home some of us decided to stop for a bit of light refreshment at the Alder Sports Club.


The North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre

The Roobarb ‘n’ Custard route, Some Scooterists clocked over 100 miles!

Back at the Alder Sports Club for some light refreshment!