5 Mar 2024

LSC Summer Party Weekender 2019

Thanks to all of the clubs and individuals who attended our party weekend, once again making it a huge success. Without your help we would not be able to support our local charities. This year we chose the Honeysuckle foundation and KIND ( Kids in Need and Distress ). Honeysuckle is based at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and supports parents who’ve lost their babies during their gestation period. KIND supports underprivileged children and young people to engage in activities and opportunities that they might not otherwise have. Both of these charities are based locally to the Cambridge pub where we meet. We will present the cheque to Honeysuckle at a later date, but we were fortunate enough to have the founder and chief exec of KIND ( Stephen Yip ) and his lovely wife Trish at our Open Day to receive their cheque.

Saturday party night at the Alder Sports club 12.07.19


The Sunday Grand Rideout – Meeting at the Britannia inn Riverside drive Liverpool.


not a bad turnout then Ernie!

Our open day 14.07.19 – at the Alder Sports Club





This year’s charitable donation

Stephen gave us a short resumé of what KIND is all about, but in the photos it looks like he’s giving us a song!  Stephen and his wife Trish had never been to a scooter event before and they would like to thank everybody who made them feel so welcome.






The James Raybould trophy was commissioned by Derry Keane and his family ( Franklyn Motors, Speke ) to be presented in memory of Jimmy Raybould who was a much loved member of the Liverpool Scooter Club, and who passed away far too early due to illness. This trophy is not given lightly, and is presented to someone who has given of his or her time and energy to promote scootering in some form. It is an honour to win this trophy. Freddie Moran has organised a lot of charity events which have raised large amounts of money for various charities, thereby highlighting the image of scootering to the general public. Of course, there are many people within this great hobby of ours who are equally worthy of winning this trophy for similar reasons to Freddie, but unfortunately, we only have one trophy !. Perhaps their time will come in due course? For now though, Congratulations Freddie. You are a very worthy winner of this award.

 Congratulations to Freddie Moran on winning the James Raybould trophy.

Freddy Moran Widnes SC, proud winner of our James Raybould Trophy 2019




Wendy from Ryde on the Isle of wight won our ‘furthest travelled over seas’ award!





Stephen Yip from KIND with his £500 cheque!

Carry on camping!


Thanks to all the clubs and individuals who attended our Summer Party Weekend 2019, once again making it a huge success. Without your help we would not be able to support our local charities. See you all again next year!