29 Feb 2024

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Xmas Toy Run 15.12.19

 SANTA SAY’S –  on behalf of all the children and staff at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital  ‘THANK YOU’  for all the support and help, in making this day very special.

Terry Apache.

Excellent turnout by the club for the children at Alder Hey hospital. Many thanks to Terry Keane and the late Gary Richardson for coming up with the initial idea. Also, huge thanks to Ernie and Barbara for feeding the five thousand back at the Alder Club. It’s great to be able to do something for the kids, especially at this time of the year.


Ernie presented a cheque for £170 on behalf of LSC to the hospital,  as well as the individual donations in the charity buckets!




On behalf of all those at LSC, we wish everyone in the Scootering community a very merry Xmas and to have many days of happy scootering in 2020!

Update 21.01.20: