21 Jun 2021

Waterford SC Xmas party – Ireland 25.11.17


It’s nearly 5 o’clock Friday night I’m having a few drinks with the lads from work on the boss, looking forward to my trip to Waterford in Ireland when my phone buzzes it’s a txt from Irish Ferries telling me that my ferry has been cancelled due to bad weather and they have booked me onto the 14.10 ferry. This is not good, It means that i get into Dublin too late’ so I phone up and change it to the 02.40 am that arrives at 06.15 am. I call Masso and we arrange that he picks me up at 06.40. Barb then picked me up in Frodsham at 8.30pm, we collect some shopping and go to our caravan in the Conway Valley a cuppa and a sandwich. I check that I have all my gear for the weekend then just after midnight Barb runs me to the ferry in Holyhead dropping me off at 1.30 before returning back to the caravan.

The ferry leaves on time and arrives in Dublin Port at 06.15am Thankfully I managed to get a couple of hours sleep during the crossing. Masso is waiting for me in the car park when I come out of the main entrance of the ferry terminal. Back to his place for a quick cuppa then a few hours kip.  A full Irish is cooked for me by the lovely Karen, then we set off to pick up Phil Ashton near Dun LAOGHAIRE on the way to Waterford. Well talk about obsticles Masso’s car starts playing up! we meet up with Shiney and Mark and put some additive in the tank for the particulate filter. The additive it made a little improvement but not much, I think it’s more of a fuel filter problem, but that’s for another time.

At last we arrive in Waterford just after 4,30pm, it’s just going dark the ferris wheel is lit up on the riverside as we park up opposite the hotel. But wait! we don’t have to go into the hotel the An Uisce Oeacha pub is 50 yards from the hotel!  we drank copious amounts of Guinness before booking into the hotel at 7.30 for a quick shower, shave and change of clothes, then yes back to the pub for a few more. By this time Duggan Robbie and Jess had turned up after a few more drinks. We thought we had best go to the do or we would never get out because the Craic was great.

Back at the hotel we paid our dues to get in (in ais of pieta house) Once inside I met up with old friends and made some new one’s. A Ska band were playing they were good. they did a full 90 minute spot in one session. When the band had finished the raffle took place. Once that was over the decks took over playing the music for the rest of the night with the dance floor very busy, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. As the night wore on and people started to leave (many with LSC stickers of which they had made a donation towards the charity) I was having a good old natter with some newfound friends and eventually ended up going to my room just before 3 o’clock, both Masso and Phil were fast asleep. I made a cuppa and watched the telly before going to sleep about half three.

Five hours later and we are all awake talking about this and that and what a good night we all had, then down to the dining room for breakfast a good selection of cereals juices tea coffee toast croissants and of course the full Irish. This was plenty to stock up on and to keep us going for a good few hours. So back up to the room to pack up our bags and leave for our journey back to Dublin.

The journey took 4 hours due to the ongoing problem with Masso’s car. We dropped Phil off in Dun Laoghaire on the way to Masso’s house,  arriving at about 2pm. Karen greeted us with a cup of tea and some biscuits, we then chilled out watching the match (rubbish) then a film before the lovely karen served up steak, chips and peppercorn sauce for our tea (fantastic).I  Relaxed for another hour or so then said my goodbyes and thanks to Karen.  Masso took me down to the Ferry Port for my 9 o’clock sailing to Holyhead. I thanked Masso for looking after me over the weekend and said my goodbye.

As I entered the terminal to check in, I heard a commotion, thirty screaming 11/12 year old school kids my worst nightmare! I was hoping to get some sleep, fat chance! I think i got one/two hours in total. We docked at 00.30 but it’s just after 01.00am by the time I got to the car park where my wonderful wife Barbara is waiting to chauffer me back to our caravan in the Conway Valley. We arrived back just after 02.00am, a Large Morgans and Coke x 2  then off to bed.  It was seventy hours since I got up for work on Friday and only ten hours sleep. Some people say to me that you must be mad! maybe I am, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Until the next time –

Ernie, (El Presidente) LSC