21 Jun 2021

The annual visit from our Irish friends!

Saturday 6th January we welcomed our Irish friends from Musthafa Beer SC !  by joining them all for a drink or two at the Cambridge pub.


As others have said, what a great night we had at the Cambridge with our Irish friends. I personally have to thank the Musthafas for the retirement prezzies. You truly are special people. I doubt that there are other clubs that have such a strong bond with each other as we have. We must not forget either, our other friends from around the country and indeed around the world who are proud to be associated with the Liverpool Scooter Club. Thanks also to Colin Stringer who came a long way (Northampton) to join us all.

A few photo’s from the evening –


I’m sure we all look forward to their next visit!

Cheers,  Geoff.