16 Jul 2019

Paul Weller European Tour 2017

Club member Kev Salim is Paul Weller’s ‘Official Merchandise Tour Director’ (or ‘Swag man’) Kev has kindly sent in a some backstage photos from the recent – ‘Kind Revolution’  Tour of Europe. This is a must see series of unique photos for all Weller fans!



Kevin with Paul (note Kev’s Polo shirt!)



Tour date no.1  02.09.17  The Crammerock festival Stekene, Belgium

Tommy & Ben – Keyboards and Percussion. (also from the Moons) Paul’s minder Mark is in the background.

Tour date no.2  03.09.17   Garage – Saarbruken Germany.


Stage set-up

Tour date no.4  05.09.17   Taeuchenthal, Leipzig, Germany.

Tour date 5 07.09.17  MQ Halle E Vienna, Austria.


Kev with Steve Craddock. Paul’s lead guitarist and founder member of Ocean Colour Scene.

Tour date no.7  10.09.17   Estragon, Bologna, Italy.

Tour date no.8  11.09.17  Porto Antico, Genoa, Italy.

Tour team photo, (Paul can be seen without the shirt standing next to Kevin)

Tour date no.9  12.09.17   Alcatraz,  Milan,  Italy.



Tour date no.10   14.09.17   Razmatazz 1,    Barcelona, Spain.







Last tour date  15.09.17   La Riviera, Madrid, Spain.




Paul and his band bow out for the Madrid fans.

A big ‘thank you’ to Kevin for taking the time out to send in these exclusive photographs.