16 Jul 2019

Northwich Festival – Breeze through the trees 5

Ernie –
Sunday 27th August I left the Conway Valley at 9.30 for the ride to J&S in Oakmere, a 70 odd mile ride to meet up with the other Scooterists. Then about a 12 mile ride through the trees to Moss Farm where the festival was being held. Good day at the festival today. about 100 scooters from the surrounding clubs with about 20 motorcycles. Custom show and a band supplying the music along with a fair for the kids. There was also a useful demonstration of ‘Biker Down’ (first aid) what to do when you are first at the scene. Then another 75 mile ride back to the Conway Valley.
Well done to Northwich Omega’s SC for a Great day!
Ernie (El President’e)