25 May 2020

Back To The 80’s

A reflection on the 1980’s Merseyside scooter scene – by Gary Winch.

A selection of photos from the 80’s, a golden age of scootering, when we were young. The vast majority of youngsters/teenagers started out in Liverpool, either meeting at Skelhorne Street Bus Station Cafe on a Saturday morning, the Mayflower Pub on Friday/Saturday, the Dolphin Pub and the Beaconsfield.¬†Another meeting point was Jodies Club on a Sunday night, downstairs for scooterists and upstairs for the gay crowd, but great times. ¬†Scooter clubs at the time consisted of Soldier of Fortune, Cavaliers, Avengers and of course Birkenhead Cloud 9. Along with attending the National Scooter Rally of the day, chaos was the word. Sleeping under motorway bridges en route to Exeter or riding for umpteen hours soaked wet through to Great Yarmouth. A special time for all of us. Isle of Wight was the pinnacle of the year for a lot of the Liverpool/Merseyside scooterists and well attended.. Enjoy the photo’s, they are special memories for a lot of us, from meeting life long friends to wives and partners. A great period in scootering.

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