13 Nov 2020

NWBA end of season party 2020

Over the Christmas period the team at the NWBA talked about possibly hosting a end of season party..

They have now been busy arranging the end of season do. The evening should be a great way to close the season and to thank you all for your support. The event will have some of Top DJ’s from the Alliance, playing some great music that we all love. Trophies and prizes will be presented for the following:

For everyone that has been signing on at the NWBA events.  ( so make sure you don’t forget to sign on. )

Best supported clubs.
Best supported individual.
Most mileage covered in support.

So it would be great if the everyone could support the evening.
Tickets are limited to around 160 people at the venue. So make sure you get your tickets early. Steve Donnelly will be keeping some ticket to one side, to make sure that all the winners have a ticket.

The cost is £2.50 per ticket, which is to cover postage, printing etc.
If anyone would like a ticket:

Contact Steve : 07789267713

The NWBA is looking forward to seeing you all throughout the year!