5 Apr 2020

Alderhey Children’s Hospital Egg run 2020 Cancelled

The ALDERHEY EGG RUN 2020 CANCELLED. Calling all eggheads! after recent discussions with Alderhey Children’s Hospital/Charity it is with much sadness that we have to announce the CANCELLATION of the “alderheyeggrun” This decision was not taken lightly. Recently we have become increasingly worried and concerned about lessening the impact from Covid19 (coronavirus) such is the problem, that we believe a co-ordinated action instead of negative re-action is needed. We need to focus on safeguarding the well being of the NHS staff / children and their families and the safe environment within the hospital and the grounds. Please be mindful of friends and neighbours succumbing to the virus or showing symptoms, it is so important right now to look after each other, love & understanding is all you need.  We have opened a fundraising page for Alderhey hospital, so instead of getting on our Scooters and Bikes let all  Alderhey egg runners  get on their keyboards and DONATE ONLINE – symptom free!

keeping the faith,

Terry (Apache)